Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner or a vacuum is an electric machine that sucks up dust and dirt from carpets. Clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner to remove and dirt.  Use the Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner available in SaravanaEmbassy.

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Eureka Forbes- Vacuum Cleaner



Vacuum cleaners are not only effective at cleaning dust and getting rid of allergens, they are also easy to use, they save time and energy. They are equipped with suction motors and filters to pull in dirt and dust.

  • Type                                   : Dry Vacuum Cleaner
  • Filter                                   : Dust Bed
  • Suitable Surface                 : Carpet, Sofa, Beds & Mattresses, Car Upholstery,                                                  
  • Wheels                               : Yes
  • Indicators                           : Yes
  • Power Consumption          : 1600 W   

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